Your pizzeria may have coverage, or need coverage, for non-owned auto insurance (NOA) to protect your business from your employees driving exposures. Non-owned auto insurance is a special type of insurance available to businesses that rely on employees using their own cars.

Employees who drive their personal vehicles in the course of their employment present a non-owned auto exposure to their employers. While it is commonly understood that insurance follows the automobile, there are times when the individual employee’s automobile insurance may be insufficient to fully cover bodily injury or property damage caused to a third party in a collision. It is this exposure that the employer seeks to cover by procuring non-owned auto insurance.

To ensure that your company is doing what it can to protect itself, Pizzasurance has implementeddriver guidelines that are required and must be followed at all times. A pizza delivery person can cause more damage to your business than any other exposure so take the steps to make sure you are protected.

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