What type of policy do I need to cover my delivery drivers?

If your delivery drivers are employees driving their own vehicle on behalf of the business, the type of policy needed to cover the exposure to your business is called Non-Owned Auto liability. Non-Owned Auto provides commercial auto insurance for a business that does not own, lease, or rent the vehicles. This policy provides coverage for liability, designed to indemnify you from the costs of repairing the other vehicle, property, or other damages resulting from an accident involving a delivery driver.

What happens if my delivery driver gets in an accident?

A Non-Owned Auto policy is excess liability coverage over the personal line insurance policy of the driver. In the unfortunate case that a delivery driver is involved in an accident, the first step is to report the claim to the delivery driver’s insurance carrier. The personal auto insurance carrier will take one of the following actions: cover the claim, partially cover the claim, or deny the claim completely due to business use exclusions. Once the personal auto insurance carrier has responded, Non-Owned Auto liability comes into play providing typically $1M in liability coverage.

What happens if my delivery driver gets in an accident?

Business Personal Property(BPP) and Tenant Betterments and Improvements (TIV) are two key components of a Business Owners policy that share commonalities which can cause confusion. BPP and TIV are both property coverages, however it is important to recognize the difference between the two. BPP is…. TIV is….

Why Pizzasurance?

The Pizzasurance Division of Stratton Agency is changing the pizzeria with delivery insurance industry. We believe there is a better way. We offer a variety of competitive coverage options along with value added services that are tailored specifically to the needs and shortcomings the current system. Our technology and delivery driver controls help keep you in compliance with the guidelines of the policy, allowing us to receive preferred pricing in the marketplace and giving you as the business owner increased ease of business.

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