What does PizzaSurance take driver safety so important?  The biggest concern we have is your driver safety and you non-owned auto exposure or your owned auto exposure.  Every day practices that you if you can routinely embed into your staff and managers about the importance of what they do and how important their job it.   It will reduce your risk and save you money year after year. Simple factors of making sure you’re paying attention to pedestrians, making sure to be clearing crosswalks and looking for ongoing traffic.   You always want to make sure you’re planning enough time for delivery and making sure there is not an issue of someone running late and needing to speed.  Obviously obeying traffic signs and signals and lastly and most important no texting and cellphone use while driving.  If you want to use for GPS please make sure it is on the silent mode for your ringer and only your GPS is working. These simple steps will help you reduce your auto exposure and save you money year after year.

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