What is your Business Personal Property?

Business personal property (BPP) is anything located in or on the building or buildings at the described premises. It also includes property in the open or in a vehicle within 100 feet of the described premises that is used for business purposes at your business or restaurant. Examples of this include tables or kitchen equipment such as refrigerators, pans, etc. If it is not permanently attached to the building, it would be considered business personal property.

This may also include property of others that is in your care, custody and control. Some examples include leased personal property of others, such as a multi use copy machine which you have a contractual responsibility to insure, unless otherwise stated in your lease.

Tenant’s improvements and betterment sometimes get confused with BPP. Examples of this are improvements and betterments that a tenant has done to their establishment. This may include a new grill and ansul system, new lighting fixtures, or new walls to change the structure of the restaurant or bar. These changes have been made by the tenant and cannot be legally removed.

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