Accidents happen.  Workers gets injured and a Workers Comp claim is paid. For many restaurants and bars, that means  you can count on higher Worker’s Compensation premiums the following year.
Unfortunately, paying a higher premium is nothing compared to what work accidents actually cost you and your business.

According to a study by the National Restaurant Association, on average, a work place injury ends up costing the employer 4 times the amount of the actual compensation claim. These increased costs are due to issues such as:

■ Lost productivity due to work stoppage – Not only does this apply to the injured worker(s), but to entire staff as well.

■ Administrative time following up on accidents, investigation, claim paperwork, etc.

■ Lost productivity related to new employee learning specifics of the position, as well as the  accommodation of injured employee(s).

■ Replacement and maintenance cost of damaged material, machinery and property.

These costs are largely “hidden,” however can quickly add to up to very real – and very large – expense for you. Most, if not all, restaurants and bars in the Bay Area  have these concerns. Your Insurance Broker should be working with you and your staff every year to put together a proactive program to help deal with these issues.

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