Power Outage…How this can effect you?

Last week, a major power outage effected San Diego County restaurateurs. Although most were back in business today, the financial impact from Thursday’s power outage that cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars in discarded food and lost business.

While some restaurants were able to salvage costly meats with mobile refrigeration and generator-powered cooling units, many others had to toss seafood, refrigerated sauces, and dairy products that were in danger of spoiling.

Still others are having to close their doors because of a county health department alert to stop using tap water for any purpose.

Julayne Gath, the county’s supervising environmental health specialist, said nearly 800 food facilities within the city of San Diego’s boiled-water order area, have been notified to cease using tap water until the order is lifted.

Up to 60 county inspectors will be visiting the facilities over the next few days to enforce the regulations, starting with places frequented by the very young or elderly.

If something like this happened in the Bay Area, what would you do? Are you covered properly with your current commercial insurance policy? Mechanical breakdown, spoilage and contamination coverage can all come into play. Make sure your policy has the right protection to cover you during these types of exposures.

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