Restaurant & Bar owners in California with more than ten employees must maintain a written Emergency Action Plan. Title 8 CCR 3220, Emergency Action Plan, states that the Emergency Action Plan “shall cover those designated actions employers and employees must take to ensure employee safety from fire and other emergencies. For those employers with 10 or fewer employees the plan may be communicated orally to employees and the employer need not maintain a written plan.”

Personal Protection
Effective personal protection is essential for any person who may be exposed to potentially hazardous substances. In emergency situations employees may be exposed to a wide variety of hazardous circumstances, like chemical splashes, falling object, flying particles, unknown atmospheres with inadequate oxygen or toxic gases, fires, and live electrical wiring. It is extremely important the employees be adequately protected in these situation and that the equipment selected meet the criteria contained in Cal/OSHA standards. Some of the safety equipment that may be used includes:

• Safety glasses, goggles, or face shields for eye protection
• Hard hats and safety shoes
• Properly selected and fitted respirators
• Whole body coverings, gloves, hoods, and boots
• Body protection for abnormal environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures

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