Restaurant & Bar owners in California with more than ten employees must maintain a written Emergency Action Plan. Title 8 CCR 3220, Emergency Action Plan, states that the Emergency Action Plan “shall cover those designated actions employers and employees must take to ensure employee safety from fire and other emergencies. For those employers with 10 or fewer employees the plan may be communicated orally to employees and the employer need not maintain a written plan.”


Effective emergency communication is vital. Employees must know how to report emergencies. A method of communication should be established to alert employees whether to evacuate, or to take other emergency action, as described in the plan. An alarm system should be in place, with a distinctive and recognizable sound to signal the emergency action.

An alternate area for a communications center may be necessary if the work site must be evacuated. The emergency coordinator should have an updated list of key personnel, employees, and of employee relatives to be notified in case of emergency. There should be a system for accounting for personnel once they have been evacuated. The person in the control center is responsible for notifying police or emergency response team members of persons believed missing.

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