How the FFIC Program Closure will affect PizzaSurance Clients

It comes with heavy heart to have to inform you that Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company has decided to close its pizza delivery program during the 2015 calendar year. In an announcement late last week, we were informed that the Pizza Delivery Program will close all of its agent appointments and send out non-renewal letters to all policy holders. What we have not been told is a hard date for the process to start but in initial conversations we believe the non-renewal will affect policy holders that are set to renew on March 1st, 2015 and later. This is a tough loss to the industry as they were one of the most viable carriers for this hard to place market. To learn more, please refer to the press release we put out in regards to this announcement by clicking here.

The good news for you is that PizzaSurance has leveraged their insurance partners to provide a comprehensive insurance program replacement for FFIC that provides the coverage needed to protect your operation and satisfy your franchise requirements. We are working through a few details with the replacement carriers in terms of what we will need to legally transfer the business. This may include updated applications and binding signatures however we are doing what we can to minimize these carrier requirements and make this as seamless as possible for you.

To summarize, at this point it is business as usual. FFIC is required by law to keep all current policies in place and will phase out their client base over the next 12-18 months. As we prepare for your upcoming renewal our staff will reach out to you directly for what we need in order to transition the business.

Feel free to contact me directly with any question or comments. Please rest assured that your PizzaSurance team is staying on top of this and working aggressively to do what is best for our Fireman’s Fund Clients.

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