Catering Restaurants: Are you keeping up with your drivers?

Owning a restaurant with a full catering operation can sometimes be difficult. Your restaurant is responsbile for delivering a high quality product directly to your customer. The biggest overlooked exposure that many catering restaurants face is their delivery drivers. Did you know that the drivers’ activities outside of work can affect your business’s Commercial Auto premiums? It is also possible to be denied coverage based on these exposures.

If the broker or agent you work with understands your exposure, they can assist in setting up a program for you and your staff. One thing we recommend is pulling your drivers’ MVR every six months to make sure their isn’t any change in the driving record. These check up’s will help with current employees as well as future hiring practices and reduce further increase in premium for your policy.

Most commercial polices will allow for 1 or 2 points on your driving record without any increase in premium or exposure. However major violations such as DUI, Hit and Run, Reckless Driving, or Speeding over 100 miles an hour are all concerns you need to know about as a business owner in the Bay Area. These range from 2-4 points, depending on the violation. Underwriting guidelines vary from carrier to carrier, so be sure to check with your broker or agent concerning this issue if you have any questions.

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